Rent an eBike or join our guided tour!



Electric bike is the best way to discover Turku archipelago or take a tour around the city. Riding eBike is easy and fun.

We have two kinds of electric-assisted bikes. Depending on your route planning you can choose from comfortable city bikes which are perfect for touring or you can go off the beaten track with our latest model eFatbikes.

Book your eBike online and pick it up in Turku centre. You’ll be cruising after a brief how-to –introduction. Go for a day trip (8 h) or a multi-day tour. We’ll supply you with the gear you need and point you in the right direction


What type of rider are you? Wanna explore on your own or do you need a buddy?

After-ride feelings heard in 10Bikes: 

Great place for e-bike rental. The bikes are in excellent condition and the battery lasts easily up to 100 km with one recharge. Very friendly service included a good explanation of how the bikes function. You also get waterproof bike bags for a comfortable bike ride.

Bertha Welshie



Our team at 10Bikes was formed when two skibums needed something outdoorsy and fun to do in the summer.


We both agreed that Turku is the best city to spend the warmest months of the year and wanted everyone to discover that too.


Hedi Tenho

Hedi is born and raised in Turku and knows all the hidden gems in the city and around archipelago.


In winter time you can find her shredding on skis in Lapland, and in the summer she's riding her bike around Turku or fishing at her summer hideout at Parainen.

Ask her for some tips where to go, or let her take you on a tour to spots which even tripadvisor haven't yet discovered! 


Taneli Peussa

Taneli has always been passionate about cycling. eBikes have taken his passion to a whole new level and he wants to share this with everyone.


Besides cycling Taneli enjoys backcountry skiing in Japan and kayaking in Turku Archipelago. There are so many amazing places to discover in the city and on the islands around the Archipelago Trail, that even one summer is not enough.

Join us for a tour and let us show you some of our favourites or go exploring on your own.


We're happy to point you to the right direction!



Depending on your route plan you can choose from thrilling eFatbikes or comfortable eCity bikes.

eFatbikes are the latest model from Tunturi


Shimano STEPS E7000 assistant will not let you down even in the steep up hills.


Fat tire will work as a suspension and grip firmly to the rocks and roots on your path


Recommended riders height up from 155 cm

eCitybikes are comfortable, easy and safe models from Husqvarna


Long battery life will keep you going from 60-120 km

Shimano STEPS E6100 will carry to Archipelago and back effortlessly.

Nexus-5 gears are easy to maneuver

Hydraulic disc brakes are reliable when you get bit too speedy


Wide Schwalbe tires are puncture-protected and roll on any road surface with ease

Recommended riders height up from 150 cm