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Please enjoy our routes!

eBike is a great companion whether you're going of the beaten track on our eMTBs or want to cruise on eCitybikes.

We here at 10Bikes have hand-picked few routes we recommend for your eBike adventure. You can cycle all our guided tours without us - self guided. Just pick a track you are interested in and enjoy eternal tailwind!

All the tracks can be cycled with all eBikes that are in our fleet.

More tracks are available on website.

Or download Outdooractive application and find many many more cycling routes.

We are happy to share our tracks with you!

Route 1:

Ruissalo route

This route is a great getaway from the city to the island of Ruissalo.

Ruissalo is a great spot for cycling. Cool yourself with fresh sea breeze and in the shades of lush deciduous forests.

Leave hectic city hustle behind for a moment and let nature do its chillaxing magic. You might feel a dramatic drop in your stress levels.

Rent ebikes from our MOVELO station at Hotel Kakola or pick up ebikes from our rental shop.

For more info check the route description


For a detailed map click HERE

Route 2:
Hirvensalo and Kakskerta combined

If you don't have enough time to experience the archipelago, you can pedal this route and get a little hint of what you are missing.

This route is a combination of two routes in the same direction from the city center.

They are easy to combine and with eBike you don't have to worry about the slightly extended distance of your trip.

Click the links for route description

Hirvensalo route

Kakskerta route

Route 3:
Kuusisto castle ruins

Kuusisto bishops castle ruins are an interesting cultural spot. The castle got demolished in the protestant reformation.

The route is easy and takes you through the city of Kaarina and the meadows of Kuusisto island. You can combine this route with the Archipelago ringroad.

Click the links for the description and map

Kuusisto castel ruins

Map of the route

More routes can be found in Outdooractive application

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