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- Turku City Safaris -

Our guided city safari -tours are designed to be suitable for all levels of riders and a great way to try out electric assisted bikes. Tours are run in a calm and easy pace, to make sure everyone feels comfortable and safe.

Our guides are experienced and multilingual. You can have guidance in Finnish, English, Swedish and Russian.

10Bikes guides have plenty of experience with organized biking trips, guiding outdoor activities, and first aid certification. Client safety is our top concern and we always take into account the level of the group making sure that no one is left behind.

Our specialty is to organize tailored tours for work teams or groups. Send us a message and we will chat about our ideas on how your group could enjoy cycling in Turku!

You can join us for a short 2 hour tour around Turku. Or let us show you the bishop's castle ruins and robbers cave in Kaarina on our half-day tour. For those looking for a multiday tour, we offer a 3-day guided trip around the Archipelago ring road. 

The Archipelago ring road is one of the most popular cycling destinations in Finland and is considered to be the hidden gem of Finland. In summer 2024 we organize three tours around the Archipelago ring road. This multiday tour will be implemented in ride&seek style. Riders can either join a guided group or follow POIs provided by the guide.

All tours include eBike, charger, helmet, and rack panniers. The tour around the archipelago ring road also includes accommodation for 2 nights.

Join us for a fun, relaxed, and easy ride!


Guided eBike Tours 2024

Turku 7 summits

Best sightseeing tour around Turku 


Like Rome, Athens and Istanbul, Turku is also based on 7 hills.


On our guided tour you will conquer the legendary 7 hills of Turku, explore the infamous Kakola prison, visit an old excecution spot and admire the view over the rooftops of Turku city.


Brace yourself for beautiful parks, elegant architecture and the lively river side of the oldest city in Finland. eBikes will make you fly up the hills like a Superman!

PRICE: 129 €

3 bikes included, additional bikes 25 €.

DURATION: approx 2 h

LEVEL: easy

START POINT: Hotel Kakola, eBike station

WHAT'S INCLUDED: Guiding, eBike for the tour, and a helmet

WHAT TO BRING: Whether compliant clothes

Maximum group 8 pax

Best sight seeing tour around Turku!

Bookings via email


Explore the hidden gems of Kuusisto with our guided half-day tour to the caves and castle ruins. Perfect for families and friends, this tour will take you on an adventure through history and nature. Book now and create unforgettable memories!

PRICE: 299 €

3 bikes included, additional bikes 49 €

DURATION: approx 4 h

LEVEL: easy

START POINT: Puutarhakatu 40 Turku

WHAT'S INCLUDED: Guiding, eBike for the tour, and a helmet

WHAT TO BRING: Whether compliant clothes, snacks and beverages.

Maximum group 8 pax

Bookings via email


Welcome to join us in exploring the Archipelago Ring Road and getting acquainted with cycling on Finland's most popular route!

The cycling tour is guided and carried out in Ride&Seek style guidance, meaning participants can join a guided group or proceed at their own pace. The total length of the route is about 180 km, allocated for three days and two nights.

The tour is an excellent opportunity to experience cycling and ebiking. Accommodations are arranged in a communal style where everyone has a bed, but participants can bring their own tents or hammocks if they prefer. Alternatively, participants can book their own accommodations near the overnight stops or along the route. If you wish to extend your stay on the ring road, contact 10Bikes ebike rental and inquire about modifying the tour.

The tour price includes an ebike and bike bags, guidance, if necessary, roadside assistance, and breakfasts. What does it mean that the tour is conducted in Ride&Seek style guidance? On a Ride & Seek tour, the guide cycles the route while participants can independently cycle towards predefined waypoints. Waypoints are easy to navigate using your mobile phone and Google Maps; a separate cycling navigator is not required.

The route is mostly paved road, with about one-third being cycling lanes. Participants must be able to cycle on roads alongside other traffic. There are a few short sections on main roads with heavy traffic, but mainly, cycling is along quiet and peaceful island roads.

The tour price includes; Good company and cheerful spirits. A guide, an ebike (including charger and two rear carrier bags), accommodation in communal housing, breakfasts, and sauna opportunity during overnight stays.

The bikes used on the tour are electric-assist touring bikes from 10Bikes rental. The bike is easy to use and comfortable to ride. Participants can also join the tour with their own bike, but unfortunately, there is no discount on the price for using your bike.

The tour price does not include meals other than breakfast and the ferry ticket for M/S Antonia (15€).

The tour follows the principles of safe events and spaces. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination or bullying. At 10Bikes events, everyone has the right to feel safe without fear of any discrimination, harassment, sexual, physical, or verbal abuse. If you notice any inappropriate behavior during the tour, please inform the guide or send an email to

PRICE: 349 €

DURATION: 3 days

DISTANCE: approx 180 km

START POINT: Turku, Puutarhakatu 40 (Onnipyörä Portsa)

WHAT'S INCLUDED: Guiding, eBike & Helmet, rack panniers, charger for ebike battery, B&B

WHAT TO BRING: Stuff you would need for a 3 day cycling tour. But travel light.


Maximum group 12 pax


Starting at 15.00 and returning to Turku on the third day by 18.00 o'clock.


1st Tour: 10.-12.6.2024

2nd Tour: 26.-28.6.2024

3rd Tour: 13.-15.8.2024

For further questions contact us by email

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